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Big Bam Boo

This duo formed in the UK with Brit Simon Tedd and Canadian ‘Shark’.

They had minor hits for MCA with Shooting From My Heart and the superbly catchy Fell Off A Mountain in 1989. Shooting From My Heart also made it to #17 in the American AOR charts.


Simon Tedd was a graduate of the Pub Rock circuit, where he played in a combo called Simon Tedd & The Adventures. He also recorded singles under the name Tango Echo Delta Delta.

The band relocated to New York but called it a day in 1991 after two albums.

Tedd remained in New York and later changed his name to Simon Scardanelli. He has released a number of solo albums and has since relocated back to the UK.

Vocals, guitar, bass
Simon Tedd
Vocals, guitar, keyboards