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Big In Japan

Few other groups in the post-punk era can claim to have launched so many successful careers as Big In Japan – The KLFFrankie Goes To HollywoodThe Lightning Seeds and Siouxsie & The Banshees owe at least part of their existence to them.


Although each member frequented the infamous Eric’s club in Liverpool, the group met more by accident, via Ken Campbell’s 24-hour stage opus Illuminatus, which was being staged at the Liverpool School Of Dream And Pun.

Bill Drummond (KLF founder) was the set designer, Ian Broudie and Budgie lent their respective guitar and drums while Jayne Casey had landed a stage role.

Big In Japan was originally Drummond, Phil Allen and Kevin Ward, but the line-up gelled when Ian Broudie joined, followed by Casey, who introduced her friend Holly Johnson to the band.

Pete Burns (Dead Or Alive) and Paul Rutherford (Frankie) were also involved from time to time.

The group only released two singles, Big In Japan and / Do The Cud (the latter credited to the Chuddy Nuddies), released in November 1977, and the posthumous From Y To Z And Never Again EP, released in November 1978.

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Bill Drummond
Phil Allen 

Kevin Ward

Bass, vocals
Ian Broudie 

Jayne Casey

Holly Johnson