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Black Diamonds, The/Tymepiece

The Black Diamonds hailed from Lithgow (NSW, Australia), evolving out of rockabilly band Johnny Kett’s Black Diamonds in 1965.

Managed by local radio DJ Bob Jolly they played widely around the state, eventually relocating to Sydney in 1967.

They signed a recording deal with Festival and released their debut single, See The Way, in December 1966. The B-side was a frenetic song called I Want, Need, Love You.


Their second single, Outside Lookin’ In, was released in 1967. The record made the Top 30 in Sydney.

Darcy Rosser replaced Allan Keogh on bass in 1968 and the band changed its name to Tymepiece.

They also worked under the name The Love Machine for a one-off version of The Tokens‘  The Lion Sleeps Tonight which they recorded to promote the opening of Bullen’s African Lion Safari at Warragamba in Sydney.

As Tymepiece the band issued three Singles on the Festival label – Bird in the Tree (August 1968),  Become Like You (November 1969) and Won’t You Try? (October 1970).

Their debut album, Sweet Release finally appeared in February 1971. The LP was an ambitious mix of moods and styles from the hard psych of Why? and Nuts, to the folk sounds of Reflections and Home Song, the R’n’B flavoured I Love, You Love and the country-tinged title track.

As the album’s centrepiece, Shake Off was an incredible eight minutes of rumbling bass, pounding drums, demented fuzzed-out blues riffing, wailing harp and heavy, pulsing organ.

The band called it a day shortly thereafter.

Guitarist and main songwriter Alan “Olly” Oloman subsequently joined The Executives as bassist. He passed away on 9 August 2008 after a long illness. He was 61.

Glenn Bland
Neil Oloman
Rhythm guitar
Allan ‘Olly’ Oloman
Lead guitar
Alan ‘Mick’ Keogh
Bass, vocals
Colin ‘Mac’ McAulay
Darcy Rosser
Bass, vocals
Brian ‘Felix’ Wilkinson
Organ, piano