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Black Sorrows, The

Joe Camilleri formed The Black Sorrows in 1983 after dissolving Aussie New Wave/R&B band, Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons.

Taking a year off to clear his head, Camilleri formed the new group (with Falcons’ guitarists Jeff Burstin and Wayne Burt) to play a mix of Zydeco, Cajun and soul gumbo which proved unexpectedly popular with his Australian audience.

The group built a dedicated Melbourne audience and released three albums – SonolaRocking Zydeco and A Place In The World. 

For the 1987 album, Dear Children, Joe and the band took a different direction, leaving behind the Zydeco and Cajun-style material in favour of more straight-ahead rock.

Gone was the violin of Steve McTaggart and the accordion of George Butrumlis, and in their place was Mick O’Connors Hammond organ and the unique combination of two tubas, contributed by two young Melbourne musicians, Karl Fritzlaff and Tim Jones.

Joe Camilleri
Vocals, saxophone
Jeff Burstin
Guitars, mandolin
Wayne Burt 

Wayne Duncan 

Mick Girasole 

Paul Williamson 

Saxophone, clarinet
George Butrumlis 

Accordion, piano
Gary Young 

Peter Luscombe 

Steve McTaggart 

Michael ‘The Reverend’ O’Connor
Hammond organ
Karl Fritzlaff
Tim Jones
Johnny Charles
Venetta Fields 

Backing vocals
Shirlee Matthews 

Backing vocals
Nick Smith
Backing vocals
Linda Bull 
Backing vocals
Vika Bull 

Backing vocals