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Blue Swede

Blue Swede formed in 1973 in Sweden when Björn Skifs, a top vocalist in that country, was looking for a band to accompany him during his concerts.

The band earned their international breakthrough in 1974 with their cover of the 1968 B. J. Thomas feel-good single Hooked on a Feeling.

The single hit the top of the charts in the US and also hit #1 in Holland, Australia, and Canada. It missed the top spot in the UK, kept out of #1 by Jonathan King‘s rendition.

Blue Swede also hit the Top Ten in America with a cover of Never My Love (originally recorded by The Association).

A medley that combined The Hollies‘ song I’m Alive and Deep Purple‘s Hush fared better in Scandinavia than anywhere else.

The band broke up in 1975 after Skifs decided to pursue his solo career.

Björn Skifs
Michael Areklew
Bosse Liljedahl
Anders Berglund
Hinke Ekestubbe
Thomas Berglund
Jan Guldbäck