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Boney M

Euro-disco big cheeses Boney M were the creation of Frank Farian – the German record producer who also flogged Milli Vanilli to a grateful planet. But we should not forget during the 70s Boney M were huge beyond Steps and S Club 7’s wildest dreams.

Rivers of Babylon (already familiar to reggae fans in its original version by The Melodians) and Mary’s Boy Child remain two of the UK’s biggest ever singles, and the quartet’s global sales have topped 80 million.

All four members of the group were West Indian in origin, working in Europe as session singers. So cue those funky balalaikas and spin one of their greatest hits – RasputinDaddy Cool or Ma Baker for example.


There are probably worse ways of spending five to ten minutes, but none that don’t somehow involve red hot pokers and dropped trousers.

Bobby Farrell was found dead in his hotel room in St Petersburg while on tour in December 2010. He was 61.

Marcia Barrett 
Bobby Farrell 

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