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Box The Jesuit

Sydney-based Box The Jesuit formed in October 1986 from the ashes of underground angst merchants Madroom.

Box The Jesuit was headed up by the infamous duo from Madroom, violinist/percussionist Susie Beauchamp (who was once described as “a blend of innocence and evil mischief”) and entertainer and showman, singer and guitarist, Goose – who would strut on stage, fall down, gesture maniacally, grin and roll his eyes like an ecstatic psychotic let loose amongst an audience.

The band had a reputation for energetic live performances full of glitz and innuendo, dynamic lighting, explosions (if the budget permitted), and loud, bass-heavy, inspiring noise with a lyrical and musical emphasis on that source of all life and creative force – sexual activity. In fact, sexual obsession was one of the more distinctive themes of Box The Jesuit lyrics.

Vocals, guitar
Susie Beauchamp
Violin, percussion
Patrick Kavanagh
Guitar, saxophone
Philip Clifford
Chris Baker