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Boys, The

Guitar-playing brothers Lino and Camillo Del Roio formed The Rockhouse Corporation whilst still at high school in Perth, Australia, in 1977.

They started out as a top 40 covers band but progressed to playing original songs and changed their name to The Boys.

Their debut single When You’re Lonely (August 1980) went straight to #1 on the local Perth charts and reached #52 on the national singles charts, earning them an appearance on Countdown.

The Boys released two further singles, Hurt Me Babe (March 1981) and Weoh Weoh Weoh (September 1981). The records reached #57 and #76 respectively on the national charts.

Their self-titled debut album followed in November 1981.

The single Don’t Say No (September 1982) was followed by a second album, Inside the Cage, in December 1982, with original vocalist Brent Lucanus replaced by Wayne Green.

Lonely Dreamers was released in March 1983.

The Boys went through several line-up changes but brothers Cam Del Roio and Lino Del Roio were constant members throughout.

The band split in 1983 but reformed in 1987 with Cam and Lino on guitar, Eddie Parise on bass, drummer Frank Celenza, Tony Celiberti as keyboardist, and singer, Troy Newman. A year later the band changed their name to Boyschool but split soon after.

Drummer Frank Celenza and bass player Eddie Parise both later played with Baby Animals.

Brent Lucanus
Lino Del Roio
Guitar, vocals
Camillo Del Roio
Guitar, vocals
Robbie Salpietro
Bass, vocals
Eddie Parise
Frank Celenza
Wayne Green
Carmelo Sallazzo