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Bridewell Taxis, The

Always a little bit different, Leeds band The Bridewell Taxis (named after the slang term for a police van) featured a trombone player and were able to draw their loyal fan base from the indie scene and local football fans.

The original line-up featured vocalist Mick Roberts, Simon Scott on bass, drummer Glenn Scullion, Sean McElhone on guitar, Gary Wilson on keyboards and the aforementioned trombone player Chris Walton.

The band scored support slots with many of the big hitters on the indie scene – including Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets and The Farm – and big things were expected of them.

A series of singles on their own label, Stolen Records, enhanced that reputation throughout 1989 and 1990, but the anticipated big break never came: they needed a major label but none were forthcoming.

Trombonist Walton left the band in 1991 and the band split – returning shortly after with a different sound and a shorter name – The Bridewells. However, this didn’t last long and the band called it a day again.

Roberts, Scullion and McElhone reformed the band in 2005 together with twins James and Jules Metcalfe.

Mick Roberts
Sean McElhone
Gary Wilson
Chris Walton
Simon Scott
Glenn Scullion