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Platinum-haired twin brothers Matt and Luke Goss formed a group with school friend Craig Logan. The group was originally called Caviar before changing to Bros (pronounced ‘Bross’).

After securing the services of former Pet Shop Boys manager Tom Watkins and producer Nicky Graham, they scraped into the lower regions of the UK charts with I Owe You Nothing. Well groomed (leather jackets, strategically torn jeans and Doc Marten boots customised by the addition of Grolsch beer bottle tops) and ambitious, the group were well marketed and soon attracted a fanatical teenage fan following.


Their second single, the catchy, dance-orientated When Will I Be Famous? (1988) was promoted aggressively and climbed to #2. Drop The Boy followed, just missing the #1 spot once again.

By now established as THE teen-idols of 1988, the trio’s first single, I Owe You Nothing, was re-promoted and reached the chart summit in June 1988. A string of Top 10 singles followed including I QuitCat Among The PigeonsToo MuchChocolate Box and Sister.

Their fortunes gradually took a downward turn, and in January 1989, bass player Craig Logan was ousted and Bros subsequently became embroiled in an acrimonious legal battle with their manager (well documented in Luke Goss’ autobiography).

brosA severe case of Second Album Syndrome kicked in when somebody decided to let the brothers write all their own material for the new LP, The Time (1989), which left Tom Watkins rather lost for words when he heard what they’d actually produced . . .

Now written off as mere teenybop fodder, they actively pursued a more serious direction and returned to the UK Top 20 with Are You Mine? and the album Changing Faces in 1991.

By 1993 the phenomenon had passed, with the twins going their separate ways. Matt moved to America and pursued a solo career while Luke turned to acting, enjoying success as a stage actor and appearing as Nomak in Blade II.

Matthew Goss
Luke Goss
Vocals, Drums, percussion
Craig Logan