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Brownsville Station

Guitarists Mike Lutz and Cubby Koda formed Brownsville Station in 1969. Drummer Henry Weck came onboard in 1971, and when bassist Tony Driggins departed in 1973, Lutz switched from guitar to bass and the group shrunk to a trio.


Brownsville Station should have been considered cool – a roots-rock band with good taste in covers. But Smokin’ In The Boys Room, their 1974 chart-topper, labelled the band as Bubblegum.

Although the band never gained massive album sales, they battled on until 1979, playing an average of 250 nights a year on the arena circuit. Mötley Crüe‘s respectful 1985 cover version took Smokin’ into the Top 20 once more.

Weck went on to run a recording studio outside Ann Arbor, Michigan, while Lutz became a guitar teacher at an Ann Arbor music store. Cub Koda wrote a column for the collector’s magazine Goldmine and released a series of rootsy small-label albums, returning to the road with a young band.

Cub Koda 
Guitar, vocals
Michael Lutz 

Bass, guitar, vocals
Henry Weck 

Tony Driggins