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Cascades, The

Rhythm Of The Rain provided The Cascades with a worldwide hit in 1962 and became the ninth most-played song on radio in the 20th century.

With that sort of impact, it’s hardly surprising that the group’s follow-ups didn’t wander too far from the formula.

Shy Girl, The Last Leaf, My First Day Alone, Cinderella and For Your Sweet Love were all decent songs in their own right. The latter was written by Jerry Fuller, but several of the songs came from mainman John Gummoe, while the group also made astute choices from other outside writers, including Shelby Flint (Angel On My Shoulder) and Burt Bacharach and Bob Hilliard (Little Betty Falling Star which had previously been a Gene Pitney release).

By 1964/1965 they had broadened their influences to include the Californian beach feel of My Best Girl, an easy mid-tempo take on Ray DaviesI Bet You Won’t Stay, and, most successfully, two strong covers of Bob Lind songs, Truly Julie’s Blues and Cheryl’s Goin’ Home.

John Gummoe
Eddie Snyder
Guitar, vocals
Ronald Lynch
Keyboards, saxophone
Dave Stevens
Dave Wilson
Drums, vocals