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Cass And The Cassanovas

Merchant seaman Brain Casser returned to Liverpool and formed Cass & the Cassanovas as a trio in May 1959, with singer and guitarist Adrian Barber, and drummer Brian Hudson.

Hudson left after a few months and was replaced by Johnny ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson. In need of a bass guitarist, Hutchinson brought in Johnny ‘Gus’ Gustafson in December.

The group became popular in dance halls in the Liverpool area. Casser also started his own music club in Liverpool, the Casanova Club.

Casser was ousted by the other members in December 1960, who renamed the band The Big Three.

Casser moved to London where he briefly formed Casey Jones & the Engineers, a band that featured Eric Clapton in the lineup. Renaming themselves Casey Jones and the Governors, the band became very popular in Germany.

Brian Casser
Vocals, guitar
Adrian Barber
Guitar, vocals
Johnny ‘Gus’ Gustafson
Johnny ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson
Brian Hudson
Drums, vocals