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Australian blues group Chain performed with more than fifteen different line-ups during the sixteen year period spanning 1967 to 1983.

Tasmanian guitarist Phil Manning (ex-Bay City Union) joined the first incarnation of the band in 1968.

With the release of two moderately successful records and the natural talent and musicianship within the band, Chain soon established itself as one of Australia’s top bands.


Manning (pictured) left the group in 1971 and teamed up with Warren Morgan to form the ill-fated Pilgrimage.

When that group failed he reformed Chain in October and quickly put the band back on top of the Australian pop scene.

On the Australia Day Weekend in 1982 the best-known line-up of Chain (Matt Taylor, Phil Manning, Barry Sullivan, Barry Harvey) re-formed for the Mushroom Evolution Concert, to celebrate Mushroom Records’ 10th anniversary.

This line-up of the band had not played together for 10 years.

They got together again in December 1983 and stayed together long enough to record the albums Child In The Street (October 1985) and Australian Rhythm and Blues (1987).

Matt Taylor
Vocals, harmonica
Phil Manning
Guitar, vocals
Barry ‘Little Goose’ Harvey

Barry Sullivan
Glyn Mason
Warren Morgan
Electric Piano
Tony Lunt
John Meyer
Roy Daniels