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Although based on a seemingly foolproof formula, it was probably the ultra-commercial pop image that contributed to Cheek’s eventual demise.

The mainstays of the Aussie band (Lee Emmett, Felix Maslin and Bud Mangion) first joined forces in 1974 as Jasper.

Emmett, Maslin and Mangion formed Punkz with the addition of Robin Jackson (who had been the original lead vocalist with Hush and had played in a schoolboy band in the UK with Peter Frampton) and Randy Hall, who was quickly replaced by Ray Goodwin from the John Paul Young Allstars.

The band came to the attention of Ol’ 55 manager and pop guru Glenn A Baker, who helped shape the bands 1960’s pop image.

Mushroom Records issued the singles Anyway You Want It (1976) and Take Me For What I’m Worth (1977), neither of which were particularly successful despite the fact that they were near note-perfect versions of the 60’s originals.

Goodwin left soon after and the band changed its name to Cheek to avoid any punk rock connotations.

A cover of the Mighty Avengers’ So Much In Love, backed with The Easybeats‘ Do You Have A Soul? was Cheek’s debut single for Mushroom in January 1978.

The band then began recording an album, with the addition of Troy Richards on keyboards and guitar.

The album never eventuated, and the final single, Leave My Heart Alone, was also unsuccessful and the band broke up in August 1978.


The four singles later appeared as an EP on Greg Shaw’s Bomp! label in the US.

Felix Maslin died as a result of an asthma attack in 1988.

Lee Emmett
Robin Jackson
Guitar, vocals
Randy Hall
Guitar, vocals
Felix Maslin
Bass, vocals
Bud Mangion
Ray Goodwin
Troy Richards
Guitar, keyboards, sax