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Chesterfields, The

For a while, The Chesterfields’ charming, jolly guitar pop was very much in vogue. They were formed in Yeovil, Somerset, in the summer of 1984 by David Goldsworthy (guitar and vocals), Simon Barber (bass and vocals) and Dominic Manns (drums). In 1985 they were joined by guitarist Brendan Holden.

They signed to the Subway Organization and released three well-received singles. Brendan Holden was replaced by Rodney Allen and the debut LP Kettle was released in July 1987, with a compilation of the early singles, Westward Ho! issued later the same year.

Allen left to join The Blue Aeroplanes, to be replaced temporarily by Andy Strickland and eventually Simon Barber’s brother Mark.

Launching their own Household label, The Chesterfields issued two more singles and a third album, Crocodile Tears. Drummer Dominic Manns left and was replaced by Rob Ellis but when David Goldsworthy left in late 1988 the band effectively split.

The Barber brothers continued as The Chesterfields for a final single, Fool Is The Man in 1989. The band split for good in the summer of 1989.

The Chesterfields reformed briefly in the 1990s to tour Japan after their material was re-issued there.

David Goldsworthy was killed by a hit and run driver in Oxford on 9 November 2003.

David Goldsworthy
Guitar, vocals
Brendan Holden
Simon Barber
Bass, vocals
Dominic Manns
Rodney Allen
Andy Strickland
Mark Barber