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China Crisis

Gary Daly and Eddie Lundon formed China Crisis in Liverpool after leaving school in 1979. Their first releases, African and White (1981) and Scream Down At Me (1982), were on the small local label, Inevitable, but a signing to Virgin followed.

The duo of Daly and Lundon then formed a more permanent lineup with the addition of Gazza Johnson (bass) and Kevin Wilkinson (drums).

Their chart fortunes fluctuated, but high points included the thoughtful ballad Christian (1982), the sublime Top 10 single Wishful Thinking (1983), Black Man Ray (1985) and the more upbeat King In A Catholic Style (1985).

Difficult Shapes and Passive Rhythms was the 1982 debut album that reached #12 in the UK charts while Working With Fire and Steel (1983) and Flaunt The Imperfection (1985) consolidated their reputation.

1986’s What Price Paradise was released to mixed reviews while Diary Of A Hollow Horse was well received in 1989. The band’s last studio album, Warped by Success, was released in 1994, following the band’s parting of ways with Virgin.

Drummer Kevin Wilkinson hanged himself on 17 July 1999. He was 41.

Eddie Lundon and Gary Daly have continued to perform and record as China Crisis from time to time. Lundon also teaches songwriting at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.

Gary Daly
Vocals, keyboards
Eddie Lundon

Vocals, guitars
Gazza Johnson
Kevin Wilkinson
Dave Reilly