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Choirboys, The

The Choirboys formed in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney in 1979. The original members of the band were Mark Gable on vocals, Ian Hulme on bass, Lindsay Tebbutt on drums, and Brad Carr on guitar.

In November 1983, vocalist Mark Gable ruptured his vocal chords which not only put a halt to his singing but also rendered him speechless. This effectively put the band in limbo from late 1983 until well into 1987.

Record releases were also restricted during this period. Boys In The Band was issued in November 1983, but things didn’t happen again for the Choirboys until the single Run To Paradise hit the charts in October 1987 – it went on to become the 11th highest selling single of the eighties in Australia.


Mark Gable
Brad Carr
Ian Hulme
Lindsay Tebbutt
Brett Williams