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Chords, The

Based in Deptford, The Chords were probably the most energetic and powerful Mod Revival band in London.

The band featured Billy Hassett (vocals/guitar) and his cousin Martin Mason (bass), plus Chris Pope (guitar) and Brett ‘Buddy’ Ascott (on Keith Moon Drums).

Maybe Tomorrow was their most aggressive amphetamine rush of a single, after debuting with the already powerful Now It’s Gone. They even performed it on Top Of The Pops!

In the wake of an excellent album, So Far Away, The Chords issued four more singles, beginning with the barnstorming, bittersweet attack on the institutionalised, brow-beaten acceptance of Britain’s working classes, The British Way Of Life.


The same idea pervaded their follow-up, In My Street, which was backed by a rousing cover of The MarvelettesMotown dancer I’ll Keep On Holding On (via cult 60s Mod band, The Action).

The Chords bowed out in 1981 with One More Minute and Turn Away Again, the latter featuring a new lead singer, Kip (ex Vibrators).

Chris Pope and Buddy Ascott formed a band called Agent Orange (not to be confused with the US band of the same name). The group gigged extensively around London and the South East throughout 1983-1984, but did not record.

chords_logoChris Pope reformed The Chords in 1996.

Billy Hassett
Vocals, guitar
Chris Pope 
Guitar, vocals
Martin Mason
Brett ‘Buddy’ Ascott