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Chron Gen (Chronic Generation)

This energetic punk band originated from Hitchin in Hertfordshire in 1978 and kept their good-natured Sex Pistols-inspired vision active well into the mid-1980s.

The band released their debut EP, Puppets Of War, on their own Gargoyle label in 1981, followed by their fabulous second single, Reality, on Step Forward.


They then signed to Secret for several more excellent releases including debut album Chronic Generation which reached #53 on the UK chart in 1982.

The group are probably best remembered for their 1982 single, Jet Boy, Jet Girl (with English lyrics set to the Plastic Bertrand tune, Ca Plane Pour Moi).

Chron Gen split up in 1984 and bassist Pete Dimmock died on 12 August 2011.

Glynn Barber, JJ Johnson and new bassist Roy Horner revived the band in 2013, playing the Rebellion festival and touring the US and Europe. This Is The Age (2016) was their first new album since 1982.

Barber now sang with an American drawl and, while there were plenty of well-crafted songs, the straight rock album didn’t really sound much like Chron Gen.

Glynn (Baxter) Barber
Vocals, guitar
Jon Thurlow
Pete Dimmock
Jon ‘JJ’ Johnson
Mark ‘Floyd’ Alison
Roy Horner
Adam Warwicker