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Church, The

From the release of the She Never Said single in November 1980, this unique Sydney-based band produced a distinctive, ethereal, psychedelic blend of music which alternatively found favour and disfavour in Australia.

An initial rush of success saw The Church burst onto the singles charts in 1981 with The Unguarded Moment and return in 1982 with another of lead singer Steve Kilbey’s charismatic outpourings – Almost With You.

Co-produced by the legendary Bob Clearmountain (and mixed by him at the Power Station in NY), the Skins and Hearts debut album was an accomplished and intriguing work which gave the band a base to journey to the UK and Europe in 1982.

Although it took five years for the world to become fully aware of their carefully understated but ever-imaginative style, when recognition came it was not half-hearted.

The prestigious Los Angeles Times described their sixth album as “dense, shimmering, exquisite guitar pop”. Such reviews assisted the album in its climb to number one on the American Alternative and AOR charts.

In July 1987, Steve Kilbey published a book of his prose, entitled Earthed. He also released a purely instrumental solo album also bearing the title Earthed, to accompany the book.

“I like synthesizers, but I don’t like synthesizers in The Church.
That’s a bit like putting Elizabeth I in a sports car”
– Steve Kilbey. 1982.

Steve Kilbey 
Vocals, bass
Peter Koppes 

Marty Wilson-Piper 

Guitars, vocals
Richard Ploog 

Nick Ward