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Close Lobsters, The

Indie pop band, The Close Lobsters, hailed from Paisley in Scotland and first came to prominence with the track Fire Station Towers which was included on the NME‘s famed C86 compilation.

Signing to Fire Records they released their debut single, Going To Heaven To See If It Rains, in October 1986.

After landing a support slot with The Jesus and Mary Chain on their tour, they released their second single, Never Seen Before, in April 1987 (with a superior re-recorded version of Fire Station Towers and a cover of The Only Ones‘ Wide Waterways on the B-side).

They released two albums, Foxheads Stalk This Land (1987) and Headache Rhetoric (1989), and an EP, Nature Thing (1989) – with covers of Neil Young‘s Hey Hey My My (Into the Black) and Leonard Cohen‘s Paper Thin Hotel – but eventually broke up over a combination of creative differences and financial difficulties.

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