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Concrete Blonde

Marrying middle-of-the-road rhythms and almost Ry Cooder-style dreamlike guitar passages, with punk spit and Johnette Napolitano’s streetwise lyrics, Concrete Blonde’s self-titled debut album (1986) made for compulsive listening.

That very few people even know this album, is, in equal parts, criminal and exciting.


The 1990 follow-up album (Walking In London) was a daring departure in scope and sound.

The album was essentially Johnette Napolitano’s record (she wrote all but one of the album’s ten songs).

As a singer, Napolitano had a voice that embodied both the physicality and emotional intensity of a modern-day Janis Joplin.

Johnette Napolitano
Vocals, bass
Jim Mankey
Guitar, vocals
Harry Rushakoff
Paul Thompson
Gabriel Ramirez