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Creation, The

Formed in 1966, The Creation were the innovative wild men of rock onstage.

Guitarist Eddie Phillips pummelled his guitar with a violin bow way before Jimmy Page took up the practice, and Pete Townshend was so impressed he asked to form a band with him.

Singer Kenny Pickett, meanwhile, belted out songs with titles like Biff Bang Pow and pioneered graffiti art with his spray-painting antics (Pickett also went on to pen Clive Dunn’s one-hit-wonder Grandad).

The Creation hit big in Germany but failed to ever really make it in Britain.  The group had two modest chart entries in the UK before imploding – Making Time and Painter Man.

Their ever-changing line-up didn’t help. Neither did manager Tony Stratton-Smith who paid the group out of the back of a van then borrowed their wages back.


The band dissolved in 1968, with Pickett becoming a roadie and Phillips a bus conductor.

Having never recorded an album in their heydey, Phillips and Pickett unwisely decided to rectify the situation in the mid-80s.

The result never surfaced until Cherry Red released the sessions in 2004 as a “great lost album” called Psychedelic Rose. It would have been far better if it had never been found . . .

Slick and cliché-ridden – including a bastardised remake of their classic single Making Time – the record is a sad testament to the original band, who could have rivalled The Who or The Small Faces in their day.

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