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Crosby, Stills & Nash (& Young)

In 1969, while Neil Young was laying the foundation for a solo career, his Buffalo Springfield partner Steven Stills was playing and recording with former Byrd David Crosby, and Graham Nash from The Hollies in private.

One of their first appearances was at the Woodstock festival where they instantly acquired ‘legendary’ status with their incredible vocal harmonising backed up by acoustic guitar work from Steve Stills and Dave Crosby.

Their first self-titled album (1969) sold over two million copies and was a worldwide hit – as was their second album, Deja Vu (1970) – but doubts about their ability to duplicate the studio perfection on tour led to the recruitment of Young, together with a bass player and a drummer.

After two years of touring and a third (live) album, Four Way Street (1971), the members of the band started concentrating on their individual solo projects and at the height of their popularity Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young split up.

Over the next ten years they recorded with various permutations, but Crosby, Stills and Nash came to realise that their original combination was a winner and they regrouped for Top 10 albums CSN and Daylight.

Meanwhile, Neil Young went his own way, following an eccentric path which won a dedicated following.


David Crosby 
Vocals, guitar
Steven Stills 

Vocals, guitar
Graham Nash 

Vocals, guitar
Neil Young 

Vocals, guitar