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Curiosity Killed the Cat

The gangling Martin Benedict Volpelière-Pierrot (‘Ben’ for short) and his boys clocked up five hit singles in their career, after first coming to the attention of the British music press when they hooked up with Andy Warhol for the video of their bubbly first single Misfit (1986).

Their first LP, Keep Your Distance (1987), debuted at #1 in May 1987. Young girls began to pass out during their live shows, the tabloids compared the hysteria to Beatlemania and linked the group to sex and drug scandals, and the music press dismissed them as well-hyped pretty boys from fashionable families.

The four London lads started modelling before they began jamming together at fashion shows at the Royal Albert Hall. Their fan base soon included London’s fashion crème.

The band shortened their name in 1989 to just Curiosity but the feline suffix has since returned as Volpelière regularly tours on 1980s revival package shows.

Ben Volpelière-Pierrot
Julian Godfrey Brookhouse
Nick Thorpe
Miguel ‘Migi’ Drummond