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Darling Buds, The

Although they generated reams of coverage in the late-80s weekly music press, Newport’s Darling Buds never became the mainstream sensation that their jaunty guitar pop might have suggested.

Even their biggest chart success, Hit The Ground, stalled outside the Top 20, the masses seemingly resistant to the media’s notion of a British Blondie (the similar, female-fronted Primitives fared only marginally better).

Formed in Wales in 1987 by Andrea Lewis, Harley Farr, Chris McDonogh and Richard ‘Bloss’ Gray, their major label debut, Pop Said (1988), was full of fluffy energy, and reached #23 in the UK charts, spawning the infectious pop singles Burst and Let’s Go Round There.

Drummer Bloss was replaced by Jimmy Hughes and the band’s second album, Crawdaddy (1990), showcased a new sophisticated approach to recording which was at odds with their early adrenalin-charged poppypunk material.

Continuing with their new style, the group followed with their third and final album, Erotica, in 1992. The album contained the US single, Long Day in the Universe, which featured on the soundtrack of the Mike Myers film, So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993).

Although they toured the United States in support of the album for a year, the members of the Darling Buds grew increasingly frustrated by their lack of commercial success and disbanded.

Andrea Lewis
Harley Farr
Chris McDonogh
Richard ‘Bloss’ Gray
Jimmy Hughes