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Dear Enemy

Australian band Dear Enemy suffered the fate of having one successful single (Computer One) and being unable to capitalise on the success, despite significant media attention.

The Melbourne band derived its name from the popular Australian comic strip Ginger Meggs. Whenever Ginger received letters from his rival Eddie Coogan, they were always addressed “Dear Enemy”.

The band signed to EMI/Capitol and recorded Ransom Note in the US with producer Peter McIan (best known for his work with Men at Work and Mondo Rock).

The album spawned three singles; Computer One (December 1983), Good Life (February 1984) and Kids on the Street (May 1984).

Two further singles followed; New Hero (1984) and Stay (1986) before Joey Amenta (ex-Taste and Redhouse) replaced Barker.

Jerry Leigh then replaced Amenta and the band issued one final (independent) single, You’re Right You’re Right in December 1988 before calling it a day.

Ron Martini 
Chris Langford 

Les Barker 

Martin Fisher 

Peter Leslie 

Ian Morrison 

Joey Amenta 

Jerry Leigh