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Deckchairs Overboard

Sydney band Deckchairs Overboard formed in 1982 with Ken Campbell on vocals, John Clifforth on guitar and keyboards, Cathy McQuade on bass and Paul Hester (later of Split Enz and Crowded House) on drums.

deckchairsoverboard2The group built a strong following on the local pub scene and released a self-titled EP in late 1982.

The single That’s The Way was released in early 1983 but despite appearing in the Countdown playlist the song stalled at #86 on the Australian charts.

Paul Hester left the band to join Split Enz and Deckchairs recruited Dennis Flannery as his replacement, also adding keyboard player Michael Hoste.

The lineup changed frequently over the next 18 months with only Clifforth and McQuade remaining stable members.

deckchairsoverboard4The band released their only album (also self-titled) in late 1985, which provided two singles, Walking In The Dark and Fight For Love. Neither release met with commercial success, and the album only reached #88.

The band members went their separate ways before the end of the year.

Ken Campbell
John Clifforth
Guitar, keyboards
Cathy McQuade
Bass, vocals
Paul Hester
Dennis Flannery
Michael Hoste