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Denny Seyton & The Sabres

Denny Seyton & The Sabres were one of the more promising Liverpool-based bands that never made it, despite getting as far as charting a single, The Way You Look Tonight, in 1964.

Denny Seyton (real name Brian Tarr) was their founder and lead singer, and their most important lineup featured songwriter Lally Stott on lead guitar, Mike Logan on organ, John Boyle on bass, and Eden Kane alumnus Dave Saxon on drums.

The Sabres signed to Mercury Records while their sound was still largely R&B based but they soon added harmonies and incorporated pop influences into their work, to emulate the successful sounds of The Beatles, The Searchers, Gerry & The Pacemakers, et al.

The group played a lot of shows in Hamburg and had a dedicated following.

Their first two Mercury singles, Tricky Dicky and Short Fat Fannie, did not reach the charts, but their third single, The Way You Look Tonight, was a minor hit, reaching #48 in England.

Success would prove to be fleeting, however, and the group left Mercury for Parlophone (now called a more contemporary-sounding Denny Seyton Group) and released an unsuccessful single called Just a Kiss.

In 1965, Mercury issued an LP, It’s the Gear, comprised of covers of contemporary hits. It also failed to chart, and the band broke up in 1966.

Denny Seyton (Brian Tarr)
Lally Stott
John Boyle
Mike Logan
Dave Saxon
John Francis
Dave Maher
Tommy Walker
Bernie Rogers
Dennis “Blink” Dring
Robbie Little
Tony Crowley