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The Discharge album Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (1982) contained the fiercest music ever heard when it was first released.

Formed in 1977, their brutal assault was oddly cleansing – their anger borne from the tough Stoke-on-Trent streets and the dark political climate of the time.

The band endured a spectacular fall from grace after their ‘classic’ early line-up splintered and guitarist Tony “Bones” Roberts quit to form Broken Bones in 1983.


Superficially, Discharge soldiered on, but the band was neutered by personnel reshuffles and during the late 80s and early 90s issued a series of forgettable albums such as the much-maligned Grave New World.

Later releases restored some credibility and there remains little doubt that Discharge were a massive influence on modern metal and hardcore bands.

Kelvin ‘Cal’ Morris (Cal Voice)
Tony ‘Bones’ Roberts
Gary Maloney