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Dugites, The

The Dugites formed in Perth (Western Australia) in 1978 with Lynda Nutter on vocals, Gunther Berghofer on guitar, Phillip Bailey on bass, Peter Crosbie on keyboards, and Clarence Bailey on drums.

They released the self-financed 7″ Hit Single in 1979 and toured as the backing band for Dave Warner.

Signing a record deal with Sydney’s Deluxe label, they released their self-titled debut album (produced by Bob Andrews from Graham Parker‘s band, The Rumour) in 1980, which yielded the hit single In Your Car.


The band’s second album, West Of The World (also produced by Bob Andrews) was released in July 1981 and peaked at #33 on the Australian album charts, producing two singles – Waiting (#40) and Part of Me.

Berghofer left the band in 1982 and was replaced by ex-Sports guitarist Andrew Pendlebury, who was then replaced by Bob Fallovic with Paul Williamson also joining on saxophone.

By mid-1983 the line-up was reduced to Nutter, Crosbie, Bailey and Noonan for their third album, Cut The Talking. Three singles were released from the album, Cut the Talking (November 1983), Juno and Me (April 1984) and It Ain’t Like That (August 1984) but none of them were as successful.

Following the release of the album, The Dugites added Peter Kaldor on saxophone and John Crosbie on trombone and trumpet but by the end of 1984, they had called it a day.

Lynda Nutter
Gunther Berghofer
Guitar, vocals
Phil Bailey
Bass, vocals
Peter Crosbie
Keyboards, vocals
Clarence Bailey
Drums, vocals
Paul Noonan
Bass, vocals
Andrew Pendlebury
Bob Fallovic
Paul Williamson
Peter Kaldor
John Crosbie
Trombone, trumpet