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Dwight Twilley Band

Raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Twilley met 15-year-old Phil Seymour at a screening of A Hard Day’s Night in 1968. They made a demo tape together.

They formed a duo and called themselves Oister, which eventually morphed into The Dwight Twilley Band in time for their exceptional debut 45, I’m On Fire (1976) on Denny Cordell’s Shelter label, although Shelter’s lack of organisation delayed the release of Twilley’s debut album, Sincerely (1976), by over a year.


In spite of glowing reviews praising the album’s rich melodicism and sparkling production, Sincerely sank without trace.

After the follow-up, Twilley Don’t Mind (1977), Twilley jumped ship to go to Arista, releasing a self-titled album (1979).

Despite some brilliant power pop (Alone In My RoomIt Takes A Lotta Love) problems at the label caused Twilley to move again, this time to EMI, where he released the LP Scuba Divers (1982).

Dwight Twilley
Vocals, guitar
Phil Seymour
Vocals, drums, bass