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Edison Lighthouse

Edison Lighthouse was a group which only existed in the recording studio and on television.

However, the group (fronted by seasoned session vocalist Tony Burrows – who also sang with Brotherhood of Man and The Pipkins) scored an unforgettable international hit with the Tony Macaulay/Barry Mason composition Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) which sailed to #1 in the UK on 31 January 1970, also making #5 in the US.

edisonlighthouse_19Whilst all this was occurring, Burrows had already moved on to other projects, leaving his backing musicians (originally a Windsor covers band called Greenfield Hammer before they became a studio “creation”) to continue under the name Edison.

Macaulay, meanwhile, still owned the name Edison Lighthouse and conjured up another line-up with that name for recording and touring purposes.

The manufactured spin-off group failed to exploit the chart-topping name, although they did manage to scrape into the lower rungs of the UK Top 50 with a weak follow-up; It’s Up To You, Petula.

Tony Burrows 
Stuart Edwards 

Guitar, vocals
Ray Dorey 

Guitar, vocals
Dave Taylor 

George Weyman