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Elastica were the most crush-inspiring gang of the 90s Britpop set. Their DM’s, eyeliner, jeans and leather jackets non-look set a new standard in what-the-fuck-you-staring-at attitude while singer Justine Frischmann’s legendary fringe became a haircut almost as copied as Jennifer Aniston’s.

Frischmann had impeccable credentials. She had been in Suede, lived with Blur‘s Damon Albarn and was the coolest frontwoman since Chrissie Hynde. Her songs, unburdened by solos or concepts, just sped by. “If you want to hear the chorus again,” she declared, “rewind it”.


She was a girl heartbreakingly cool enough to inspire some of the era’s anthems, such as Suede‘s Animal Lover, and later – after the death of the Britpop party – Blur‘s Tender and No Distance Left To Run.

Connection was Elastica’s biggest song. The crude, blarting, irresistible riff caused heads to instantaneously snap and limbs to jerk in the direction of the nearest danceable surface.

The band were accused of plagiarism though when some similarity (not to say identicality) was noted between the riff and the Wire track Three Girl Rhumba. Sadly, legal nastiness ensued, and Elastica eventually settled with Wire out of court.

Their second proper album, The Menace, was released in April 2000.

After the release of the farewell single, The Bitch Don’t Work in 2001, the band announced their amicable break-up.

After Elastica split, Frischmann turned to art, moving to San Francisco to study Contemplative Art. She went on to exhibit her artworks all across the US.

Justine Frischmann
Vocals, guitar
Donna Matthews
Annie Holland
Justin Welch
Sheila Chipperfield
David Bush
Paul Jones
Sharon Mew