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Escorts, The

A group of schoolboys formed The Escorts in 1961. John Foster (aka ‘Johnny Sticks’) was Ringo Starr‘s cousin and the famous relative with the big hooter got the band a resident booking at Allan Williams’ Blue Angel Club in 1962.

Their first single was a revival of the Larry Williams rock & roll classic Dizzy Miss Lizzy. Bizarrely, the single went to #1 in Texas, largely due to the promotion by the brother of their new drummer Pete Clark (well connected, these drummers!).

Unfortunately their second single, The One To Cry, only nudged into the UK Top Fifty at #49.

The Escorts were also unlucky with I Don’t Want To Go On Without You (which had been a B-side for The Drifters), but while the band never had any significant hits their records stand up well today – In fact From Head To Toe and Night Time were both recorded in the early 80’s by Elvis Costello.


Night Time was an original composition by Paddy Chambers, who joined The Escorts after Terry Sylvester left to join The Swinging Blue Jeans.

The Escorts split up when they found they couldn’t afford to accept bookings outside the Liverpool area because of the travelling expenses involved.

Mike Gregory joined Terry Sylvester in The Swinging Blue Jeans, finally leaving them in 1972 (and even playing bass on some tracks on The Bay City Rollers‘ Once Upon A Star album).

Ray Walker 
John Kinrade 

Terry Sylvester 

Guitar, vocals
Mike Gregory 

Pete Clark 

John Foster 

Paddy Chambers 

Kenny Goodless 

Tommy Kelly 

Paul Comerford