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The Eurogliders came to prominence via their sophisticated pop sound, and the awesome voice of UK-born lead vocalist Grace Knight, which resulted in considerable success and chart action for the Perth (Australia) group.

Guitarist/songwriter Bernie Lynch formed the original version of Eurogliders in 1980 with his partner, Knight. The pair were married briefly in 1985, and despite their eventual marital separation, they stayed together in the band.

In late 1981, the Eurogliders took the unusual step of travelling to Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, to record their debut album, Pink Suit, Blue Day. The album was produced by Englishman Len Lubin.

Unhappy with the results, the band eventually re-recorded several songs and re-mixed the entire album. Regardless, the album and its singles, Without You and Laughing Matter, provided the band with a strong foothold in the Australian market.

Eurogliders signed an international deal in 1983 with CBS and the band travelled to the UK to record their important second album, This Island.

Ron Francois (ex-Teardrop Explodes and The Sinceros) joined as their new bass player and the group returned to Australia in December, releasing their fourth single, Another Day In The Big World.

This Island produced two of their most memorable singles, the Aussie #1 smash hit  Heaven (Must Be There) (April 1984) and Maybe Only I Dream (August 1984).

Heaven also charted in the US Top 50 and the band played at the MTV Awards in New York.

Absolutely (1985) featured a smoother soul-influenced sound and made the Australian Top 5. The LP yielded four singles, We Will Together (May 1985), City Of Soul (September 1985), Can’t Wait To See You (January 1986) and Absolutely (April 1986).

In 1986 the Eurogliders signed a sponsorship deal with the Fabergé Company. The single Absolutely (April 1986) was used in a television commercial for Fabergé jeans, with the band making an appearance in the commercial.


Vincent, Bennetts and Francois all left the band in early 1987. Knight, Lynch and Ackerman continued with new players Guy Le Claire, Rex Goh (ex-Air Supply), Lindsay Jehan and Steve Sowerby.

Groove (1988) was the band’s most overtly soul/R&B-influenced album and contained the singles Groove (April), It Must Be Love (June), Listen (September) and Precious (March 1989).

The band folded in 1989 and Grace Knight pursued a successful career as a jazz singer, making a cameo appearance in the 1990 TV series Come In Spinner and singing on its soundtrack with revered jazz artist Vince Jones.

Eurogliders reformed in October 2005, with Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch using session musicians. They released their fifth studio album – simply called Eurogliders – and started touring again in April 2006. A sixth album, Blue Kiss, was released in 2007.

Neither of these albums charted and the band called it a day again in 2008. The band returned in 2013 and toured Australia frequently.

Grace Knight
Bernie Lynch

Guitar, vocals
Amanda Vincent

Crispin Ackerman

Ron Francois
John Bennetts

Guy Le Claire

Rex Goh
Lindsay Jehan
Steve Sowerby
Geoff Rosenberg