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Even As We Speak

Even As We Speak formed in late 1985 in Inner City Sydney (Australia) as a three piece comprising Matt Love, Scott Leishman and Neil Johnson.

The band initially drew their early influences from New Zealand’s Flying Nun record label which was at that time producing raw edgy lo-fi pop.  The group scored the support spot with touring Flying Nun acts including The Bats, The Clean, The Verlaines and The Straightjacket Fits.

In May 1986 the band went into a small studio to produce a fast four-track 7-inch slice of pop called Small Fish in a Big Machine.

On the eve of the recording, Neil Johnson brought in his then-girlfriend Mary Wyer to add some backing vocals. She soon became a full-time member, singing and playing a cheesy portable home organ that couldn’t be tuned.


Even As We Speak went on to record an album of material between September and December 1986 with the working title Truck Driving Songs. Only three tracks saw the light of day, appearing on a 7-inch containing I Won’t Have To Think About You, Single to Central and a cover of Glen Campbell‘s Galveston.

The Blue Suburban Skies/Bizarre Love Triangle single contained a stripped-back three-chord cover version of the New Order song from the previous year. The single arrived in the UK as an import on the tail of the C86 movement and attracted great interest.

Matt Love and Mary Wyver relocated to Britain in 1988, recording the Goes So Slow EP and greatly impressing legendary radio DJ John Peel.

Matthew Love
Vocals, bass, guitar
Scott Leishman
Bass, guitar
Neil Johnson
Paul Field
Mary Wyer
Organ, vocals
Bass, vocals
Rob Irwin
Anita Rayner
Drums, banjo, mandolin
Julian Knowles
Keyboards, guitar
Paul Clarke
Guitar, vocals