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The major label debut by neo-Nirvana trio Everclear, Sparkle and Fade, caught the authentic note of vacant ennui that haunts adolescent America.

But the songs on So Much For The Afterglow (1997) managed to only present a series of victims, objects of leadman Art Alexakis’ confused contempt or peculiarly mopey brand of compassion.

2003 was a bad year for Art Alexakis. The last two original members of the band quit after years of tension, and Alexakis got divorced for a third time and was forced to declare bankruptcy after finding himself more than $3 million in debt.

He recruited four new bandmates, dubbed them ‘Everclear’ and released Welcome To The Drama Club, a comeback album where seemingly every track contained nothing but raw bile towards those who had wronged Alexakis.

Art Alexakis
Vocals, guitar
Steven Birch

Craig Montoya

Bass, vocals
Scott Cuthbert

Drums, vocals
Greg Eklund