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Faith No More

Formed as a post-punk outfit in 1982, Faith No More fired hard-drinking vocalist Chuck Mosley. His replacement was Mike Patton, a handsome 20-year-old from Eureka in Northern California, who possessed a multi-octave range and a twisted way with words.

The new frontman proved inspirational as evidenced on Faith No More’s third album, The Real Thing (1989).

There were three memorable singles. From Out Of Nowhere is a driving love song garnished with a nagging riff from keyboardist Roddy Bottum, while the syncopated pop of Falling To Pieces showcases the funky chops of bassist Bill Gould and drummer Mike Bordin.

The big hit – #9 in the USA – was MTV favourite Epic: a dramatic pocket symphony featuring rapped verses, sing-along chorus, Jim Martin’s searing lead guitar, and a stately piano finale.

Despite their popularity with heavy metal fans, Faith No More never liked the genre and returned three years later with the wonderfully bizarre Angel Dust.

Mike Patton
Billy Gould
Roddy Bottum
Jim Martin
Mike Bordin
Dean Menta
Jon Hudson
Chuck Mosley