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Faron’s Flamingos

Faron’s Flamingos emerged from a band formed at the Liverpool Mercury Cycling Club (apparently in the winter months they preferred skiffle to cycling!). The group (The Hi-Hats) became Robin and The Ravens, with Robin wearing a yellow silk suit and the rest of the band resplendent in pink jackets . . .

The Ravens were booked to play some American bases in France but shortly before departing, Robin left the band. Faron – who had recently split from a band called The TT’s – took his place, with the band changing its name but sticking with the bird theme.

Faron had a dynamic stage personality – leaping in the air and landing on his knees. He was also one of the first of the beat musicians to wear sunglasses and T-Shirts on stage, as opposed to the usual suit and tie.


The Flamingos recorded a single of an original composition called See If She Cares, backed by a raving version of Do You Love Me? (a Motown song originally recorded by The Contours).

A few weeks later – after touring with Faron and The Flamingos and seeing them perform the song – Brian Poole and The Tremeloes had the #1 record with Do You Love Me?

Following the demise of Faron and The Flamingos, Trevor Morais became one of the top session drummers in England, working with Elkie Brooks and David Essex. Nicky Crouch worked with The Mojos and eventually became a computer programmer. Paddy Chambers went with Faron to The Big Three and then formed Paddy, Klaus and Gibson.

Faron married a girl from Corsica and went to live in Cannes (also playing in Blue Suede).

Bill ‘Faron’ Ruffley
Vocals, bass
Paddy Chambers
Nicky Crouch
Guitar, vocals
Trevor Morais
Billy Jones
Eric London
‘Mushy’ Cooper