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Flies, The

flies_2Not to be confused with Ronnie Burns’ Melbourne band of the 1960s, these Flies formed in Sydney in 1984 and shone brightly for a while with superb bright and quirky pop.

They issued a stand-out 4-track EP (Turtle Monster) in October 1985 (which featured a terrific version of the Dr Who theme) and a worthy follow-up single (Lunch) in September 1986, both on the independent Pagan label.

After the band broke up in 1987, Encarnacao – who had been a long-time rock journalist for RAM and the Australian version of Rolling Stone – joined Smelly Tongues (featuring Bill Gibson – ex-Eastern Dark – on bass) while Peter Kelly moved on to Vanilla Chainsaws and eventually The New Christs.

flies_002 flies_003

Michael de La Motte
Vocals, guitar
John Encarnacao
Guitar, keyboards, vocals
Peter Marley
Bass, vocals
Peter Kelly
Drums, vocals, trumpet