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Flower Pot Men, The

Songwriting team John Carter and Ken Lewis (ex-The Ivy League) formed The Flower Pot Men as a studio project in 1967 and magnificently exploited the current flower power boom with the single Let’s Go To San Francisco (a UK Top 5 hit) with the aid of session vocalists Tony Burrows and Rob Shaw, and pals Mickey Keen (guitar) and Clem Cattini (drums)

Tony Burrows, Rob Shaw, Pete Nelson and Neil Landon then assumed the name The Flower Pot Men and went on to release a number of other well-crafted singles, notably A Walk In The Sky.


An instrumental section accompanied the singers on live dates, comprising Ged Peck on guitar, Jon Lord on organ, Nick Simper on bass and Carlo Little on drums. Lord and Simper went on to form Deep Purple.

Burrows, Shaw and Landon then changed their name to Friends in 1968 but were unable to repeat their previous success. In the 70’s, Burrows made quite a name for himself as a vocalist for hire with Edison Lighthouse, White Plains (which also included Shaw and Nelson) and The Brotherhood Of Man.

Ken Lewis
Guitar, vocals
John Carter
Vocals, guitar
Tony Burrows
Neil Landon (Patrick Cahill)
Rob Shaw (Robin Scrimshaw)
Vocals, bass
Pete Nelson (Peter Lipscomb)
Mickey Keen
Clem Cattini
Ged Peck
Jon Lord
Nick Simper
Carlo Little