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Formed in 1970 around Sandy Denny and future husband Trevor Lucas, Fotheringay barely lasted a year.

The band set to work, rehearsing in Sandy’s Fulham flat in a sound-proofed room. When they finally hit the road, they deliberately set out to play concerts only, rather than small clubs with bad acoustics.

The decision was not born of any arrogant ‘super group’ attitude. Trevor and Sandy just believed that small clubs would not allow the sort of sound the group wanted to produce.


They became renowned for their enormous PA (with colossal super hi-fi WEM speakers) which faithfully reproduced their voices and acoustic guitars.

The band recorded a single album, at Island’s new studio in Notting Hill, West London.

An abandoned follow-up LP was eventually released 20-odd years later as Fotheringay 2.

Capturing an enthralling mix of Fairport Convention-style folk rock and American country folk, it towers over their debut offering. Two of the songs were later remade for Denny’s The Northstar Grassman after she left the group.

Both Lucas and Gerry Conway had previously played with Eclection.

‘Fotheringay’ is the name of a castle in Scotland where Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded.

Sandy Denny
Trevor Lucas
Guitar, vocals
Jerry Donahue
Guitar, vocals
Pat Donaldson
Gerry Conway