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Four Palms, The

This vocal group met while in the Marine Corps and stationed at Camp Pendleton, Twentynine Palms, California (in the heart of the Mojave Desert).

After winning the Worldwide All-Navy Talent Contest in May 1957, the group appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show and recorded their classic single, Jeanie, Joanie, Shirley, Toni (1958) – which changes hands for over £600 amongst record collectors these days.


Leaving the Marine Corps in 1959, the group changed their name to The Rainbeaus at the behest of their new label, World Pacific, and released Maybe It’s Wrong (1960). It was to be their final single.

Recorded at Gold Star Studios in Los Angeles in 1960, It was the group’s best effort by far. Unfortunately the single received little promotion and the group called it a day in January 1960.

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