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Four Preps, The

The Four Preps met at Hollywood High School. Their first chart single was Dreamy Eyes, just prior to Christmas of 1956.

Besides 26 Miles (Santa Catalina) in 1958, they cut a track called More Money For You And Me, a medley of parodies of other groups and their songs: The single– recorded “live” – was a Top 20 success, and the concept was later borrowed by British group The Barron Knights.


Ed Cobb also formed a faceless instrumental group called The Piltdown Men, in partnership with arranger Lincoln Mayorga.

They made six singles for Capitol, often basing their melodies on traditional themes such as Old McDonald Had A Farm – which became a 1960 chart hit in England, where rumour spread that The Piltdown Men were actually members of Frank Sinatra‘s session band!

Their only Stateside hit was Brontosaurus Stomp.

Bruce Belland was the father of Tracey and Melissa, two girls who became the lead vocalists of 1980s pop band Voice Of The Beehive.

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