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Fourmost, The

The group formed in late 1959 and were originally called The Blue Jays, then The Four Jays and then The Four Mosts.

One of the leading groups on Liverpool’s club circuit, their name was shortened by Brian Epstein when he took over their management in 1963.

They immediately reaped the benefits of being a part of Epstein’s stable by getting better bookings and a contract with Parlophone Records where they were recorded by George Martin.

They were also given two Lennon/McCartney compositions for their first two singles – Hello Little Girl and I’m In Love – although their biggest hit came in 1964 with A Little Lovin’.

They were featured in the film Ferry Cross The Mersey (1965) which consolidated their position as one of the leading Liverpool groups and appeared for seven months in a variety show at the London Palladium with Frankie Vaughan, Tommy Cooper and Cilla Black.

The Fourmost lost some of their momentum when Mike Millward was taken ill with throat cancer in 1964, he recovered from that only to be struck down by leukaemia. When he was unable to carry on, George Peckham was brought in as a replacement. Milward went to an early grave in 1966.

After the hits dried up they settled into the nightclub circuit and were a very popular cabaret act during the 1970s, but eventually singer Brian O’Hara was the only original member left.


Once he was gone, The Fourmost continued with none of the original members.

Billy Hatton 
Vocals, bass
Brian O’Hara 

Guitar, vocals
Mike Millward 

Guitar, vocals
Dave Lovelady