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Galaxie 500

Given that New York/Bostonian three-piece Galaxie 500 set out in 1987 with ambitions that didn’t stretch beyond releasing a single, their debut album, Today (1988), was critically lauded as “astonishing”.

Yet it took another two albums before members Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang decided to abandon their graduate studies and join Dean Wareham as full-time purveyors of the billowy, fragile, daydream pop that earned them much acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic.

The band split in 1991 after two more albums on the Rough Trade label and (bizarrely) a song on a tribute album to legendary Beatles spoof band, The Rutles.

Naomi Yang and Damon Krukowski completed an off-shoot project under the name of Pierre Etoile, before embarking on a new venture with fellow musicians in the Boston, Massachusetts, area.

Dean Wareham
Guitar, vocals
Naomi Yang
Bass, vocals
Damon Krukowski
Drums, vocals