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Gaye Bykers On Acid

Gaye Bykers On Acid emerged from Leicester and combined traditional biker attire with elements of psychedelia and hippie camp.

Male vocalist Mary (real name Ian Hoxley) was often seen in platform shoes and dresses, which fuelled the critics’ confusion regarding the band name and gender orientation.

After leaving Virgin they set up their own label, Naked Brain, quite conceivably because nobody else would have them.

Subsequent to the band’s demise, Kevin instigated a new band called G.R.O.W.T.H, Tony joined a group called Camp Collision, and Mary joined ex-members of Killing Joke and PiL in Pigface.

Albums include Drill Your Own Hole (1987), Stewed To The Gills (1989), GrooveDiveSoapDish (1989) and Cancer Planet Mission (1990).

Mary Byker (Ian Hoxley)
Tony Byker (Tony Horsfall)
Robber Byker (Ian Reynolds)
Kevin Byker (Kevin Hyde)