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geeza1Formed in 1974, Geeza were a powerful four-piece rock group from the western suburbs of Sydney (Australia).

The group originally performed as The Geeza Rock ‘n’ Roll Show, presenting a stage show with all manner of props and pyrotechnics.

Dispensing with the theatrics (and some of the original line-up) they gathered a huge following over three years and by 1977 they had issued the Streetlife album and the catchy single Run ‘n’ Hide b/w Sydney City Ladies which reached #27 on the Sydney charts.

They followed up with the single Song To geeza8Warilla (a working-class seaside suburb of Wollongong, NSW).

None of the records met with great success and the band broke up in 1978.

Terry Halliday
Steve Cronow
Gabriel Vendetti
Alan Fraiel
Lee Martin